Councilmember Mitch O Farrell painting wall

Councilmember O’Farrell spent many years working in the arts, and knows firsthand how public art can help to enhance and beautify our communities. He believes that arts and culture are what make a city more livable.

Shortly after taking office in 2013, Mitch worked to enact the following policies which have directly led to the creation of new or restored public art in communities across Los Angeles:

  • Updated Mural Ordinance: When Mitch took office, there was not a formal process in place for the creation of new murals in the City. As the chair of the City Council’s arts committee, Mitch worked to update the City’s ordinance pertaining to new murals, formalizing a process for the creation and maintenance of new public artwork in Los Angeles. This has resulted in new and restored murals across the City.
  • Arts Development Fee: Mitch previously chaired the City Council’s arts committee. In that capacity, he worked to reactivate the Arts Development Fee (ADF) program. As part of the ADF program, the City requires that each owner of a private development project, valued at $500,000 or more, pay an arts fee or create a site-specific art project based on the square footage of the building or one-percent of the project’s Building and Safety permit valuation, whichever is lower. When Mitch took office in 2013, the program had become dormant, but he worked diligently with the Department of Cultural Affairs to renew the program and make available millions of dollars for public art projects across the City.