Mitch inspecting woodwork

The 13th District is home to many iconic landmarks and historic resources, and Councilmember O’Farrell is passionate about historic preservation in our communities. Since taking office in 2013, he has designated 27 historic-cultural monuments in the 13th District - far higher than the Council District average, and more than in any other Council District except for one.

One of the most significant historic resources in the 13th District is Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous Hollyhock House, located in Barnsdall Art Park. Under Mitch's leadership and working with many partners, in 2019 the Hollyhock House was designated as the FIRST UNESCO World Heritage Site in the City of Los Angeles.


The 13th District is the proud home of four designated Historic Preservation Overlay Zones: Melrose Hill, Windsor Square, Spaulding Square, and Sunset Square. For a complete list of historic-cultural monuments located in the 13th District and across the City of Los Angeles, please utilize the portal provided by the Department of City Planning.