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Why LA lacks publicly-funded affordable housing

Posted on 04/22/2023
Affordable Housing


• Over 2 in 3 rental units in LA are owned by corporate landlords.

• 70% of LA tenants are rent-burdened, meaning they spend over 30% of their income on rent.

 50% of renters spend more than half of their income on rent.

• To afford a one-bedroom apartment in LA without being rent-burdened, you would have to make at least $32/hour.

• Measure ULA is expected to give us at least $672 million just this year, and up to 25% of that would go to Social Housing.

With social housing – which is publicly-funded, permanently affordable, and puts the power in the hands of the people – we can start taking the profit motive out of housing to benefit the working people of Los Angeles, instead of Wall St. corporations.

This week, we introduced a resolution in City Council with Councilmembers Eunisses Hernandez and Nithya Raman in support of Social Housing, which we can build and fund with money from Measure ULA.

Click here to learn more about what Social Housing means!


Two More Quick Hits!

1. Expanding Legal Resources for Immigrants

We introduced a motion this week to expand the legal resources provided by RepresentLA. Previously called the Justice Fund, RepresentLA provides critical legal services to hundreds of immigrants across LA, supporting Angelenos facing deportation and keeping families together.

2. Play Ball! ⚾️⚾️

Last weekend on Jackie Robinson Day, we had an amazing time throwing out the first pitch in Echo Park to kick off the little league season. Check out our video for an adorable look at the scenes from the day!

Staff Farewell

This week, our Interim Legislative Director, Ashley Thomas, wrapped up her time with our office.

In just about 100 days as Legislative Director, Ashley helped pass the strongest renter protections the city has seen in a generation, helped introduce legislation to make Los Angeles a Sanctuary City, and so much more.

Thank you Ashley for your incredible leadership, mentorship, and contributions to our team. We’ll miss you!

Check out last week’s newsletter to meet our Legislative Team.