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Hollywood's Second Inside Safe!

Posted on 08/12/2023
The Challenges Ahead


What happened?  

On Thursday, our office collaborated with The Mayor’s office, service providers, and our County partners to house over 45 people who were living on the streets in Hollywood. We could not be happier and more thankful for this incredible work.  

Why it matters  

Before we got into office, we talked about how more services and housing are what we need to even put a dent in our homelessness crisis. Now that we are spending over a BILLION dollars on these types of solutions, we are finally beginning this process in earnest.  

Why Hollywood?  

Hollywood is home to the 2nd largest unhoused population in our city, only behind Skid Row. A large portion of the residents have lived on the streets for years, and many have mental health or addiction issues. It’s also a unique area, where housed residents, businesses, and tourism all collide. Because of this, it requires a unique approach – and that’s why we’ve been doing the critical work to coordinate with The Mayor’s office, service providers, County agencies, and the Hollywood Partnership, who represents the business community.  

What’s next?  

More outreach, more services, more housing, and more forming relationships with our unhoused neighbors. This isn’t a problem that will be solved overnight, or through one housing operation. As our Homelessness team works across our district, they’re signing people up for housing referrals to get the next open bed. There’s currently a long list of folks who want to be off the streets and under a roof, so our Planning team is working to build the type of interim and permanent housing they need. Every day our team comes to work ready to tackle one of the largest humanitarian crises in the country, and every day we do more and more to help. 


Two More Quick Hits!

1. Fernando Valenzuela Day!

On Friday, we celebrated the great Fernando Valenzuela, one of the most important athletes in Latino sports history! He won two world series, was the first player to win Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young in the same season, and even won a Silver Slugger batting title! Now, August 11th will always be known as Fernando Valenzuela day!

2. Our team is hiring a Communications Deputy!

Our office is seeking a hard-working and compassionate team member to join us as Communications Deputy! 

To read the full job description and apply, visit!