The 13th District is one of Los Angeles’ most diverse council districts, and is home to many cultures and communities that make our city the beautiful place that it is. Since taking office, Mitch has dedicated himself to championing projects and policies that uplift these communities, including:


✅Mitch has spearheaded the creation of the Little Armenia Gateway at Hollywood Boulevard and the northbound exit of the 101 Freeway. This first-of-its-kind project will serve as a lasting monument to Armenian ancestry and heritage, in addition to honoring the rich contributions of Armenians in Los Angeles.

✅Since Azerbaijan and Turkey’s unprovoked and deadly attacks against the Republic of Artsakh began in September 2020, Mitch has introduced multiple resolutions, condemning Azerbaijani aggression and calling on the United States government to end all military support and cooperation with Azerbaijan. 

✅Working with the Armenian community, Mitch designated Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue - the heart of Little Armenia - as “Armenian Genocide Memorial Square” to honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

✅Using district funds, Mitch has invested $400,000 in the Armenian Relief Society of Western U.S.A. so that it can continue to keep its doors open, providing invaluable services to Armenians in Los Angeles and the 13th District.

✅In April 2022, Mitch introduced a resolution with Councilmember Krekorian to declare April 2022 as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month in the City of Los Angeles.


✅Spearheaded the construction of the Historic Filipinotown Eastern Gateway, completed in May 2022 and bringing to fruition a 20-year community vision. A monument to the immense contributions of Los Angeles’ Filipino community, the eastern gateway welcomes visitors to Historic Filipinotown at Beverly Boulevard and Belmont Avenue.

✅Championed Filipino American art projects by funding the restoration of the “A Glorious History, A Golden Legacy” in Unidad Park. Painted by Eliseo Art Silva, the mural pays tribute to Filipino American history and is the largest Filipino American mural in the nation. 

✅Brought 54 decorative bus stop lights to Temple Street, in collaboration with partner agencies. Known as the “HiFi HiLights”, the project uses Filipino design elements, enhances pedestrian safety, and creates a sense of place unique to the community.

✅In 2014, Mitch led the unveiling of the  Historic Filipinotown Western Gateway at the Temple Street Bridge over Silver Lake Boulevard.


✅Mitch is actively working with the Thai Community Development Center and various partners to launch the Thai Town Marketplace, a small business incubator that brings a new approach to urban revitalization and green development.